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How to Roast & peel green chile your self.

 Step 1 You will want to get the chile peppers wash them in a tub of water.

Step 2 Put the peppers on a standard grill as you put the peppers on the grill get a knife and poke a hole in each one so they will release the pressure as they roast.

Step 3 Allow the peppers to blister evenly as in the picture.


Step 4 As the peppers get done put roasted peppers in tub with a damp towel over the tub to allow them to sweat (steam) as they cool the peel will start to loosen and will make it easier to peel.

Step 5 When they are cool to the touch you can ether freeze them or peel them. You can ether freeze them peeled or unpeeled.

This is how the peppers will look after they sweat. 


Step 6 If you decide to peel the peppers the next two pictures will show how to peel the peppers. Rubber gloves may be used because peeling the peppers with out gloves may cause your hands to burn.

 This is how the peppers should look after you peel them.


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